To provide Customer Service and Satisfaction Oscar’s has no less
than –

  • A Sales & Marketing Management team
  • A Sales Force with five territories and
  • A Tele Sales Team in its Head Office



Oscar’s distributes all over KwaZulu-Natal on a continuous basis.

Its fleet of both large and small refrigerated vehicles ensure that all products arrive in a hygienic, temperature-controlled state, no matter what the ambient temperatures in the delivery area.


Whole Carcasses

Through its specialised associate Oscar’s Fresh Meat, Oscar’s markets and delivers whole fresh meat (pigs) and boxed primals throughout the whole KwaZulu-Natal region or further by agreement.

The product is to the same exacting standards as those of Oscar’s Deli Meats.

Manufacturers of high quality Sausages, Bacon and Continental Cured Meat

Oscars KZN