The Factory



Located in the centre of its target market, Pietermaritzburg, Oscar’s is proud of it’s  traditional and state of the art manufacturing plant.

Oscar’s produces over 120 product lines to the most exacting of standards.


Keynote of Oscar’s success story is the quality of its product, backed by almost 50 years of family tradition and where only the best quality selected meats and spices are used.

Oscar’s quality is recognised by several hundred retailers, both large and small throughout KwaZulu-Natal.


Oscars is FSA accredited.  Strictly controlled hygiene is a way of life at Oscar’s. Both day and night shifts strictly observe the Codes of Practice for which they are accredited for along with other hygiene certifications.

A team of Quality Assurance and Quality Controllers ensure that stringent HACCP standards are maintained.

The Workforce

Oscar’s loyal workforce takes a pride in their work with some of the employees having over 20 years’ service with the company.

The staff enjoy a wide range of benefits and Oscar’s provides a qualified medical doctor to be in attendance daily before work commences, for staff with medical ailments.


Oscar’s continually trains its management and staff by way of a wide range of Internal and External Courses and Programs.

The subjects include all those aspects vital to the safe and efficient running of our business.


Oscar’s is totally self-sufficient in terms of Repairs and Maintenance operating from its own workshops.

The company employs qualified artisans in the fields of Building, Refrigeration, Electrical, Engineering and other allied disciplines to ensure efficient, constant quality and safe production.

Manufacturers of high quality Sausages, Bacon and Continental Cured Meat

Oscars KZN